Handmade for Commerce Course Starts July 20

This top-notch experience is a 7-week interactive, video-based training course that teaches creative makers and handmade brands a system to not only launch your Shopify store but market it for sold-out success!

Whether you're brand new to selling online or an established Etsy seller ready to grow, Handmade for Commerce will challenge you to take actionable progress to create the standout business of your dreams.

Don't go weeks, months or let another holiday season go by missing out on those much needed sales. Handmade for Commerce starts July 20. Enroll now before the doors close!

Brand Mapping for Creatives Online Course

This course is designed for visual thinkers who struggle to write out your brand strategy and seek clarity for your business.

Instead, I'll teach you fun visual mapping exercises (the same I walk my clients through), so you can eliminate creative blocks, stimulate new ideas, and define your brand in a visual narrative.

By the end of the course, you'll create a brand clarity storyboard that will serve as your business visual compass. Setting you on the path of clarity – knowing who you serve, why you serve, growing a tribe who will buy, and guiding your visual identity – instead of changing your "creative mind," wasting precious time and money.

What a lovely surprise—This is a fantastic, visual and clear foundational (Brand Mapping for Creatives) class in marketing for small business and solo practitioners who are either starting from scratch or need to rebrand. One of the best I’ve taken.
— Cecilie Surasky